Key Things to Consider in Ground Spa Installation

An in-ground spa in your outdoor space sounds pretty cool. When you are planning for a home spa, there are certain things you need to consider before installing one. An in-ground spa is a heated water body built into the ground with the intention to relax and hydrotherapy. In residential houses, in-ground spas are attached to an in-ground pool, similar to what you see at hotels.

Describing an in-ground spa   

In-ground spas can be built to fit the specific design and size requirements of the user. Its structure is built into the ground either as a stand-alone spa or added into an in-ground pool.

They are an excellent way to enhance the outdoor space’s appearance if it is designed, keeping the landscape setting in mind. Before using the spa, heating the water is a must.

Key benefits of an in-ground spa 

  • You can personalize the shape and size
  • In-ground spas can be integrated into an outdoor deck or patio
  • They can transform your backyard into a dramatic landscape
  • You can add a variety of pool features according to your preference
  • A great way to enjoy hydrotherapy
  • You can relax and exercise in hot water as long as you wish

Outdoor spas use a wide range of materials that include:

Acrylic: Acrylic spas are available in predetermined designs. However, you can find varieties of shapes and sizes according to your preferences.  

Concrete: Concrete spas are also easy to customize according to your preference  

Gunite: In order to install a gunite spa, the site is excavated.

Tile: Tile spas are a beautiful addition to your yard. The process of tile spa installation is labour-intensive, which is why they could cost you more than others.

Outdoor permanent spas

Permanent in-ground spas are built onsite with a customized design plan in place. They use the same materials and techniques as a regular swimming pool. You can choose the placement of hydrotherapy jets and materials for decorating the walls of the spa.

You get to choose additional embellishments to decorate the outdoor space with fountains, mosaic flourishes, wall scones and LED lighting as well.

If you are thinking to build a permanent outdoor spa, consider professional in ground spa installation. It would help if you considered installing electrical lines, operational equipment and plumbing. The construction process can take a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. If you choose to build a pool along with an outdoor spa, it can take longer. 

Make sure that you work with a professional contractor who understands your requirements and delivers the results you want.

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