Installing A Custom Design Swimming Pool? Here Is What You Want To Know

Building a swimming pool for a home is a significant event. It takes a lot of time and effort to get a quality pool that suits every need. Installing custom designed swimming pools, when you are building a new home is always a good idea. It would save you time and money both.

Perks of constructing a swimming pool at the same time when you are building a new home:

  • You can enjoy pool experience as soon as you move into your new home
  • You can customize the location of the pool as part of your house design
  • It would save you money on excavation costs
  • You will avoid damaging the landscape of your house
  • Everything can be customized according to your taste and design needs
  • Your pool can be tailored to suit the design of the house
  • It will not look like the pool is not a part of the house, in fact, the finish and design will be flawless

Important things to consider

Pool safety

Your builder might require the pool covered for safety during the construction of the house, depending on the pool’s proximity to the house.


In the process of pool positioning, usually, there are no reference points. Hence, you might require to pay additional pay for surveying. This will make sure the height and position of the pool are accurate.

Materials or tiles

Picking the right material for pool construction is a must. Outdoor tiles are something that adds to the design of the landscape, creating a beautiful finish altogether. Pool construction at the same time during the house construction gives you the freedom to choose the size and right match of the tile both inside the house and outside. Your architect will be responsible for suggesting you the best design.


Installing an electric system in the right way is something that needs to be taken care of. The power outlets of all the electrical wiring in the house and garden lighting must be at a place when you can have easy access to. This can be made sure by installing a pool during house construction.

Build your dream pool

At Nautilus Pools, we are a team of efficient and knowledgeable pool builders and designers who are dedicated to providing assistance in the construction of a pool at an affordable cost. We try our best to make sure every design suits our client’s needs and tastes. You can contact us anytime for your next swimming pool project.

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