How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Water Cool During Summer?

When the temperature goes up, there is nothing like a dip in a cool and refreshing pool. It is probably the best feeling in summer when you can keep your body cool and comfortable. a hot swimming pool is the last thing you will look for in summer. Not to mention the occurrence of breeding of bacteria and unwanted algae.

At Nautilus Pools, we know being a pool owner comes with a huge responsibility. If you are looking for ways to keep the pool cool during hot summer days, here is what you want to learn about:

You probably have heard of pool chillers by now. In summer, if your idea is to beat the heat, pool chillers are the key.

What are the swimming pool chillers?

As its name suggests, pool chillers are meant to cool off the water by pulling extra heat from the water, leaving your body with a refreshing feeling of coolness. These are available in a variety of sizes, and price ranges, making it easier for you to find the perfect match according to your budget and pool needs.

Why pool chillers?

The most obvious reason why you may need it is comfort. A chiller is what that is designed to cool the water in a way so that it is not too cool or not too hot. It is not the only reason why a pool chiller is a good idea. Here is why:

Swimming pool chemicals like chlorine are not very effective when the temperature is high. That means- the warmer the pool water is, the more chemical you need to use for desired effects.

There are fewer algae. Did you know that algae thrive best in warm weather? The breeding of algae is not something you as a pool owner want, means you have to keep the temperature of your pool cool to keep them at bay.

Slow evaporation: Cool water is less likely to evaporate. What will you gain by that? You will get to conserve more water and spend less time in scrubbing off the telltale deposits from the tile.

Final words

When it comes to swimming pool installation in Sunshine Coast, you ought to make sure everything is in place. When the pool is in its best condition, you can enjoy it more. If you are wondering whether swimming pool chillers are a good idea for you, be sure to know that they are a real game-changer.

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