How to Get the Pool Landscaping Design Right?

If you are planning a swimming pool in your backyard, think about the landscaping and its overall design. Good landscaping will make the pool safe as well as functional ensuring it becomes a beautiful design feature. Here’s what good swimming pool and landscape design involves and why it matters:

Pool landscaping is the design of the area around your pool. A good pool landscaping design will incorporate a number of different factors that include:

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Safety
  • Functionality
  • Lifestyle needs

Getting the landscaping right can improve the pool usability and also its appearance.

Advantages of a good pool landscaping

Makes backyard look attractive

The major benefit of a swimming pool is it becomes an attractive focal point in the backyard. It can be shown off to the best advantage if you get the landscaping right.  Starting from the positioning of the pool to the plants you choose to place around it and the lighting design, good pool landscaping will ensure that the pool looks beautiful whether in bright sunlight or illuminated artificially after dark, from whatever angle you are viewing it from.

Makes the pool safer

The backyard swimming pools have to comply with Australian Standard AS 1926 that ensures privately owned pools as safe as possible for the kids. The landscaping design need to take this into account and can make the best use of the space to ensure the pool is safe and healthy environment for the children and also easier for you to supervise them in the pool.

Improve the functionality of the pool area

Good pool landscaping covers many different ways you want to use the pool and the area around it. It will support entertainment needs and also create easy access to the pool for swimming and relaxation, creating a social space around the pool and ideal for entertaining family and friends.

Increase the value of your property

If you decide to move on and sell your home, it is important that the property is appealing as much possible to the potential buyers. A well landscaped backyard helps with this. The pool will attract their attention instantly as a beautiful feature while the area around it will demonstrate different ways they can use the pool for fitness, relaxation and entertaining guests.

If your backyard looks attractive, this shows that time and care have been taken over the planning and maintenance of your property. This is highly important for potential buyers, as it means they will need to do less work on the home if they decide to buy it. Because of this, you are more likely to receive a higher price on your sale.

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