We offer free and comprehensive quotes sparing no details. When comparing quote prices, make sure you compare “apples with apples” as we’ve found some competitors which have provided cheaper quotes have failed to indicate exactly what products (eg the size, brand and model of the heater/filter/pump) they intend to supply or have omitted certain details altogether.

Firstly, you want to ensure the quality of your pool remains warranted. Nautilus Pools have been building pools for over three decades and simply put, we’re not going anywhere. You can rest easy knowing we use only quality products and we’ll be around to look after you should anything arise under warranty.

Secondly, experience and recognition. Aside from extensive experience our works are well recognised and are not only award winning but have featured in reputable magazines such as Vogue, House and Garden and Home Beautiful. One of Nautilus Pools’ designed and built swimming pools was featured on the front cover of issue 12 of Queensland Pool + Outdoor Design.

Lastly, we’re very friendly and professional.

Yes. Our QBCC licence number is 42743.

We understand your new pool is an exciting investment and you are anxious to begin works which is why we are ready to go as soon as council certifications have been approved. Depending on what features you have in your new pool we can usually have you swimming in 4 to 6 weeks.

Our well trained staff will ensure minimum disruption to your household and routine and remove all of our rubbish by the end of the build.

Nautilus Pools has been using Zodiac products for over 18 years and Davey products for over 26 years, not just because of their quality and renown but if anything does need to be done under warranty they attend to it with local service agents quickly.

The pebble finish is applied after the waterline tile and or Coping tile has been applied and you have met all fencing approvals.

The pebble application takes one day, the pool finishing cannot be done until all fence approvals have been met by the Certifier and a “Form 17” for the fence has been issued. After the pebble team have completed the internal finish they will usually come back the next day to complete an “acid wash”. The pool then needs to start filling immediately after the acid wash has been completed. It is important that the pool fill is continuous so as to avoid tide marks in the pool whilst filling.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract the owner supplies the water. Water is usually sourced from the mains supply and depending on water pressure can take up to 24 hours to fill the pool. If you do not have mains water supply then tanked water is to be supplied.

Colours vary due to surrounding colours, cloud cover and depth of water. Foliage around the pool will also affect your pool colour.

If you have any other questions we’ll be happy to answer them. Simply send us a message on the Contact Us page.