Everything You Wanted to Know About Designing a Swimming Pool

Considering installing a swimming pool in your backyard but not sure of the design? Swimming pools are an incredible way to uplift the beauty of a house. Choosing the right design for your pool is crucial in adding value to your property.

At Nautilus Pools, we would like to share ideas about designing a pool. A lot of preparation goes into designing and building a swimming pool. If you plan it right from the beginning, you can expect good results.

Designing your swimming pool

When it comes to choosing a swimming pool interior design, try not to isolate your pool. Swimming pools should be designed to be an integral part of a whole picture to make your house and yard work in harmony. Choose a design that complements the style of your house, enhancing the look of each other.

Also, make sure you have fixed an appointment with your landscaper early. This will help you to make sure everyone (including your pool contractor) is on the same page. Landscaping is a vital part of designing a pool; this is why engaging with a landscaper will do more good.

Tips for swimming pool design

When it comes to designing your very own swimming pool, make sure the design work in harmony with the style of your house. Here we will share some of the styles that you can consider while designing your pool. Let us discuss:


The mid-century modern (retro) look features no landscaping surrounding the pool. The pool colour is essentially light, while you can opt for a white glass mosaic tile for the waterline. The shape of a retro pool is rectangular; which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners having a big yard. For this pool design, you can choose white cyclone fencing for fun and authenticity for the overall look.

An underwater bench is what makes sense for lounging in the swimming pool in those lazy hot afternoons.


Want to create a resort-style pool? Create a bridge that connects the pool to your house for some resort-like experience. Use dark tiles in the waterline of the pool to increase the floating effect. The shape of a resort-like pool is uncomplicated. For the colour of the pool, go for blue or a combination of blue and green to add some sparkly shimmer to the outdoor oasis.


Traditional houses demand an elegant outdoor that can be created by adding a rectangular pool surrounded by natural stone slabs. For subtle detailing, add a mosaic feature at the bottom of the pool. A great way to accentuate the character of the pool is adding water features. Water spouts, urns or stone features can enhance the traditional look of the swimming pool.


In contemporary houses, lap pools are a popular addition, great for both leisure and exercise. The shape of lap pools is long and linear, featuring an infinity edge, an elevated sun deck, a spa. Both bright and light colours can be used in contemporary swimming pools. For some added beauty during the night, go for coloured lighting surrounding the pool.

Final thoughts

Backyard living is becoming popular among most homeowners. Swimming pools can be a great way to elevate the value of a home. If designed and installed carefully with expertise, a swimming pool can serve you a lifetime of fun and leisure. At Nautilus Pools, we can guide you through the selection of the best design for your pool. Our expert pool builders put their best effort to build a swimming pool that suits the look of your house. Get in touch with us for your next pool project.

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