Everything You Want to Know About Fiberglass Pool Designs

You have decided to have a fibreglass pool installed in the backyard of your home. Now you must be wondering about what  swimming pool design in Sunshine Coast to choose that will look perfect.

At Nautilus Pools, we have seen our customers find a hard time choosing the pool model to suit their yard. Since we have been dealing with swimming pool construction projects and designing landscapes for so many decades now, we can understand where the issue lies and how to get our customers on the right track.

If you find yourself confused about the right shape and style of the fibreglass pool that you want to install in your yard, here is what you want to explore.

Fibreglass pool sizes and shapes

Fibreglass swimming pools range from approximately 10 by 20 ft to 16 by 40 ft. As far as the shapes of a pool are concerned, there is a wide range of options available, however, two of them are our personal favourite, which are:

  • Rectangle
  • Freeform

Pool with a tanning ledge

The tanning ledge is a shallow-water shelf, which is either built into or incorporated onto the existing pool. A majority of pool models do come with a tanning ledge built at the shallow surface. However, some manufacturers recommend installing tanning ledges separately which is easy to add any side of the pool.

If you are fine by the idea of having extra swim space, adding tanning ledges to a fibreglass pool is the idea to go for.

Pool with a spa

Do you like that fascinating combo of pool and spa? Fibreglass pools often come with an in-built spa, which is a great option for those homeowners that have very small space at their backyards.

Semi-inground pool

This type of pool design is built partially inground and partially above-ground. The look it creates is favoured by many homeowners. With this pool setup, you can integrate waterfalls, seating, patio or other landscaping elements etc.

Above-ground pool

This pool can withstand heavy water pressure and is an ideal option for many homeowners who love the way it looks.

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