Essential Factors to Consider Before Installing A Swimming Pool

Installing a swimming pool is every homeowner’s dream. No matter what stage of planning you are at, a swimming pool is a huge investment. With an increasing number of options available today, in or above ground, concrete or fibreglass, infinity edge or lap pool, it can get quite intimidating to choose one.

The key to making a good decision in terms of investing in a pool is doing legwork first. Consider a few things before hiring swimming pool builders in Sunshine Coast.       

Why install a pool?

Your reason for installing a swimming pool in the backyard should be clear from the very beginning. This can have a huge impact on the shape, depth and size of the pool and the type of construction you are looking for. 

Are you going to use the pool for recreational purpose or for relaxing? Do you want it to enhance your outdoor area? A swimming pool can act as a focal point for the yard as well. 

When you have a clear understanding of what purpose you need your pool t serve, making decisions would be easier. 

Is the landscape, right?

Swimming pools are easier to construct on a level site. Construction cost could get higher and more complicated if the ground conditions are compromised. For example, rocky or unstable soil can cause the construction process to get tricky. 

The size of your property will determine the design, size and shape of the pool. Urban areas can have strict needs when it comes to positioning the pool near property boundaries. Trees in the neighbourhood, other buildings might also limit where you want to position your pool. 

Where should you install the pool?

Once you know which pool you want, it is time to find the ideal position. Make sure that you check council and building regulations of your area regarding site coverage allowance, fencing requirements and more. 

Factors to consider while deciding on the pool position


Sightlines refer to the pool view from the interior of your house and the rest of the garden. Incorporating lighting or water features can make them more attractive. 

Sun exposure

Does the position of your pool receive maximum sun exposure? 

Wind exposure 

It will help cool the waterbody and increase evaporation. 


This means how you think people will enter and exit the pool. Also, you need to consider the position where you want to hang out near the pool. 


Decide where you want to place the filtration equipment, sun umbrellas or pool cleaner. 

Inground or above ground pool

Determining the pool construction involves deciding whether the pool should be in-ground or above ground. Above ground pool is a cost-effective solution that is usually made with steel with a vinyl layer. 

No matter the type of pool you choose to build, make sure that you have a good contractor to work with. Pool construction seeks expertise and knowledge. This is why partnering with a professional contractor is a good idea.

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