An Insider’s Guide to In-Ground Swimming Pool Installation

Nothing can beat a cool swimming pool on a hot day in summer. It is even better when you can take a quick dip into the pool without having to leave your house. Up for an in-ground spa installation right at the yard of your house?

Pools are a significant investment. So be diligent in deciding carefully whether an in-ground swimming pool is worth the cost. In fact, the cost of transforming your backyard into a delighting oasis may vary depending on where you live, the type and size of the pool and most importantly, how you maintain it.

At Nautilus Pools, we would like to talk about how the cost of an in-ground pool can vary based on certain factors. Here is what you want to know if keeping the cost of the pool under control is your concern.

Factors having an impact on the cost of a pool


The cost of living has an impact on labour and material price in a city. If you live in a costly metropolitan city, the pool cost would be higher than in a rural or suburban area.

Pool site

Is there enough room for excavation equipment in your yard? Is the pool site flat or needs a levelling? What is the type of the soil; is it sandy or rocky? If there are any soil issues found, the cost of the pool can increase accordingly.


The size of a pool is another cost-deciding factor. A large pool will need more labour and material as compared to a small-sized pool.


Like any other additions, inground pools need a permit to be installed. Sometimes, you may have to pay a local building inspector to trace utility lines or potential sewer before starting digging.


Most people tend to overlook fencing, which is an important part of pool safety. If safety is what you are concerned, fencing is the answer. The cost of fencing may vary depending on the size of the pool.


Inground pools are surrounded by concrete deck or sidewalks. The more expanded the deck, the more it will cost.

Planning an in-ground pool

Determine your goal

If you are considering installing a swimming pool, keep comfort and convenience on top of your priority list. Inground pools can increase a property’s value, especially in a warm climate. Setting your goal right from the beginning can save a lot of effort and money.

Do a little legwork

Inground pools require a lot of effort to be built. From excavation, plumbing, cement work, to wiring; everything needs to be performed with due diligence and attention. Getting a professional to have your back is what you want to make sure. This needs you to take time to do some homework.

Quality check

Ask your swimming pool contractor to show their previous work that is similar to yours. Check for the quality and standard of their work.


Read reviews online and ask them for references so that you can have an idea of how they work and whether they will be a good match for you.

License and warranty

Check whether the contractor has a proper license for their work. A good swimming pool contractor should guarantee their work; if they are licensed, the chances are high that their effort will be genuine.

Up for some tips on reducing your swimming pool cost?

Go for a simple deck

You can save a lot of money by choosing a simple concrete deck. It will help meet the purpose without spending a fortune.

Avoid deeper end

Smaller pools can save your money; moreover, they are easier and faster to install. To minimize your pool cost, consider keeping the dimension of your pool as basic as possible.

Cut off the extras

Spas, water features, or colour-changing lights can increase the cost. If you are a little crunchy on budget, simply avoid these.

To wrap up

Swimming pool installation is one of the biggest commitments that a homeowner can make. If you are considering installing a pool, at Nautilus Pools, we have a team of expert pool installers who can do the work for you at the cost you would not find anywhere else. Get in touch with us now. 

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