Amazing Facts About Tanning Ledge That Will Blow Your Mind

We all wait for the summer months so that we can spend more time in the pool with our friends and family members. Also, when the heat waves increase, there is no better way to cool off than in a pool. Simultaneously, most have wondered if it was possible to relax by laying out in the pool while being in the water. Now, this could be possible with a tanning ledge that is generally used in the most contemporary swimming pool and landscape design. Not only does it takes your pool design to the next level, but also the elevated feature is a great way to relax and pass time for all ages.

What is a tanning ledge?

Tanning ledge is also referred to as swim out shelves, and other names. It is a shallow platform that is cut into the granite pool, which offers a space for lounging. It is a great way to relax and spend your summer holidays in the best possible way. Furthermore, this is a safer place for children as they can sit with only 1 feet of water covering your body. It is a popular addition, especially in the current times when it comes to constructing a customized swimming pool. There are also options of adding custom umbrella holes into the shelf plus water loungers, which are created to withstand still water for months at a time. In other words, it is a new fun element that is added to the design during the construction of the pool.

How deep should a tanning ledge be?

In actuality, the ideal depth of a tanning ledge is 12 inches, where one foot of water is sufficient to cool off the feet and offer comfortable depth to sit in and relax. Like as said before, it is perfectly safe for children plus they find this feature quite enjoyable. Many homeowners may argue that having a patio offers a lot of space for tanning by the pool and does not cut into the shallow end space. On the other hand, if you need a spacious shallow end for various pool games, a shelf may cut into the required space.

The ability to add features in a pool is completely dependent on the budget of a pool project. Simultaneously, one is needed to have an idea regarding the purpose of the pool so that the planning and design could be done accordingly. In such scenarios, working with a swimming pool and landscape design service provider would surely help in making a sound plan that meets your desires and interests.  

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