3 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Installing a Pool

A house with a pool is a common sight in Australia. The climate here allows homeowners to fulfil their dreams. Who would not want to hang out near the poolside with friends or family? Or who would not enjoy a cool dashing bath on those lazy summer days?

A lot of planning, effort, and money goes into a swimming pool installation. Swimming pool and landscape design go hand in hand and is an important consideration when it comes to new pool installation.

At Nautilus Pools, we would like to discuss a few common mistakes that we see our clients make while installing a pool. Avoiding those mistakes can make a world of difference; here are they:

Mistakes to avoid for a successful pool installation

Not seeking approval from the local council

Getting permission from the local council before beginning with the installation is an imperative task to do. In fact, once you have decided on the type of pool you are after, it is important for you to check whether your plan complies with the local rules and regulations. Knowing the local rules before you start with the process can save you down the line.

Not understanding the importance of the placement of the pool

There are several key elements that contribute to safer pool installation. The placement of the pool is one of them. If you have not given pool positioning a thought before starting the installation, it can hit you hard later. The placement of the pool is important to determine because it can have an impact on your experience in the future. The pool must be installed in a place, where it gets enough sunlight. You may also want to plant trees surrounding the pool.

Above all, your pool must be placed in a way so that it looks good in your yard.

Not thinking thoroughly about concrete versus fibreglass

Concrete pools are tailor-made and can be designed in all shapes and sizes. Fibreglass swimming pools are not custom-made and often seen in outdoor spaces of houses.

Most homeowners do not research enough about these two types of swimming pool, often end up paying a lot of money in the process. Remember, if you choose a concrete pool, it is important that you let professionals do the job, someone, you can rely on. If not, your pool could be destroyed by mildews.

On the other hand, fibreglass pools do not call for a lot of money to be installed and are easy-to-install. You can also opt for vinyl pools, which are the most inexpensive ones but do not guarantee you a longer lifespan.

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