What Happens Next

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Nautilus Pools to build your new pool. These notes are designed to supply a general outline of work sequence in connection with the building of your swimming pool. They are general notes which can never cover every eventuality. Some may not apply in your particular case, and we suggest at this stage, that you carefully peruse your contractual documents to ascertain once more what we have undertaken to do, and what needs to be done by yourself. At all times our advice is only as far away as the telephone. COUNCIL APPROVAL This project will be approved by the Local Council or private Certifier subject to certain conditions. Some of these conditions will apply to us (as the Builder) and some to you (as the property owner), in that they refer to fencing around the pool, screen walls, drainage, the building housing around the filtration, plants after the pool is completed. Generally speaking the Council or private Certifier contacts the client by letter of any special conditions or requirements. MOVEMENT OF STAFF Tradesmen and supervisors will be coming to and from your property during construction. They commence work often before householders arise from their beds, and so they have been instructed to cause as little inconvenience to you and your neighbours as possible. A NOTE OF CAUTION Heavy watering of gardens around pool under construction, should be avoided at all costs. SETTING OUT OF POOL STAGE The pool will be set out prior to excavation, wherever possible in the presence of a client or his/her representative. Chalk marks indicate the pool shape, etc. You are strongly advised to observe the set-out and advise our supervisor, or office, without delay of any aspects of it which appear unsatisfactory. EXCAVATION STAGE A glance at our contractual documents will indicate whether we have undertaken to remove excavated materials, leave the same on site, or partly remove and partly leave on site. If materials are to left on site or topsoil is to be saved. We suggest the presence of the owner or his/her representative during excavation will avoid any misunderstanding as to the placing of this, the cost of returning with machines at a later stage, either to bring back soil or remove the same, is not allowed for in our contract (Normal clean-up excepted). IF ROCK OR WATER IS ENCOUNTERED Should rock or water be encountered during excavation, our company will undertake a survey and quote the extra cost of excavation to you, your signature on a contract variation form will be required. EXCAVATION BY MACHINES The excavation is undertaken by mechanical means, every care will be taken to avoid damage to driveways, mower strips, paths, etc. However, it is not possible to know in advance the mechanical soundness of structures laid by other builders, etc and so we cannot accept responsibility for these. Some physical disturbance to existing landscaping must occur in the removal of many tones of excavated materials from your premises. This will be kept to a minimum, the make good of such disturbances cannot generally form part of a builder's contract. FOLLOWING EXCAVATION STAGE As soon as possible after excavation, formwork will be erected and reinforcing steel tied. If you wish to vary your initial order regarding optional extras required, e.g. lights, ladders, etc, please notify our office as soon as possible. THE CONCRETE POUR STAGE The pouring of concrete is normally accomplished in one day, the concrete is left in a roughened condition, for future rendering. Normally, rain periods do not affect pneumatically applied concrete, due to its low slump qualities. In dry, hot weather, lightly spraying the concrete shell with water each day following the concrete pour will greatly assist curing. PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS We ask for your co-operation in the prompt payment of our invoices, since one stage will closely follow another. Thus if no delays are to be caused, payment when required is highly desirable, should there be any query regarding invoices, or difficulty is experienced in meeting payment of same, please contact our office. HYDRO-STATIC VALVE in the floor of every 'in ground" pool there is a hydro-static valve. Its purpose is to let water from underneath the shell come into the tank when it is empty, and acts as a ballast to prevent it floating up out of the ground. Our staff, naturally make every effort to keep this clean (operation), but sometimes during construction it is possible to get it blocked by rubbish or cement. We would really appreciate your assistance in this matter, i.e. if you notice the valve inlet (it is the one about 150 mm or 6 inches in diameter) block up, please bring the matter to our attention. CONNECTION OF ELECTRICITY Once the filter has been installed, the electrical connection may be made to the motor. Such electrical work is best done by someone familiar with swimming pools, and our office will be pleased to supply you the name of an experienced contractor. Should you select a contractor who has not worked previously on pools, then he must be informed that the power points he supplies be capable of running a single phase motor of up to 1 to 1.5 hp capacity. POOL LIGHTS When a pool light is to be installed in a pool, a light former is built into one of the pool walls before concrete is poured. This light former is a conduit tube made of PVC. The actual light itself is installed simultaneously with the application of the interior lining. Following this, your electrician can connect to the pool lead. Should your electrician not be familiar with the above procedure, it is advisable for him to ring our office and seek advice. Again we recommend you use the services of a tradesman with swimming pool work experience. TILING – PLASTERING CONCOURSE FINISH APPLICATION IF APPLICABLE Tiles will be fixed above and below the water line, and on the steps and seats (if applicable) The concourse finish is supplied and interior of the pool rendered. From this point on we ask that work on pool surrounds be suspended until after the pool is handed over, since damage resulting from other tradesmen's carelessness cannot be our responsibility. We also ask that children and pets be restrained from walking over newly plastered surfaces, since permanent damage to newly laid surfaces may be sustained. WATER SEEPAGE INTO SHELL Don’t be alarmed if water seeps into the pool shell from without. This is only natural, since the shell is basically designed to contain water when filled. Not keep water out when empty. However, if seepage is excessive, please notify our office. DELAYS Inclement weather is the chief cause of delays during fris period. Remember that a days' work lost through this throws our entire building program back one day, not just the program on any individual job. Should rain interfere with your job's progress, we ask for a patient understanding of the problem caused by circumstances beyond our control. Another factor frequently stopping us finishing pools is incomplete fencing. PEBBLECRETE Prior to finishing of your pool Form 17 from the Certifier is to be provided to our office. If the pool interior finish is of pebblecrete, acid washing is usually done the following day the pool is completed and then the pool may be filled with water. FILLING THE POOL WITH WATER Pool cannot be filled with water until Form 17 has been provided. Once provided our staff will commence filling the pool using your garden hose. You are asked to tum off the water when it reaches the top of the skimmer, and notify our office, NB it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to fill the average pool, and no harm will be done by swimming, at this stage, even though tie water is not filtered clean. The costs to fill an average residential pool is $50.00 approximately. DO NOT TURN OFF THE WATER WHILE THE POOL IS FILLING, THIS WILL CAUSE TIDE LINES. POOL FILLED WITH WATER After the pool is filled, we will start the filter running and give the water an initial issue of chemicals, which will be provided. After a running in period, an appointment will be made by one of our staff to instruct you fully in the operation of your pool and equipment, and also teach you the rudiments of chemical treatment of water, etc. WE HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DEAL OF ENJOYMENT FROM YOUR NAUTILUS POOL.