New Pool Care

Important Information For The New Pool Owner Brush the pool walls and floor every day/2nd day for the first few weeks. Remove any debris. Vacuum once per week. (Recommended 2 hours after brushing) Check the operation of equipment and the levels of the acid drum where installed. Take water samples weekly for at least a month, fortnightly is suggested after. Check the pool water level occasionally. Maintain the pool water pH levels! Do Not: Add Calcium Hardness increaser for the first 6 weeks! Leave chemical spills on tiles/pool floor Allow the pool pump to run dry! Move the filter handle while pump is running! Backwashing Process: While pump is off turn filter handle to "Backwash". Now run pump until gauge is clear, or for no more than 1-2minutes. Turn pump off. Now turn handle to "Rinse" and run until gauge is clear or for roughly 30 seconds. Turn pump off. Turn handle back to Filter mode. (Frequency will depend on usage and surrounding conditions, it is recommended that you backwash after vacuuming. Also ensure your water levels are ok prior to and after. Tip: Make use of excessive rain water!